David Brandstätter and Malgven Gerbes (2007)

Rencontres is inspired by the words of Gilles Deleuze who said in an interview (L'Abécédaire) that a true encounter happens like a collision, causing a permament change in the involved parties. Malgven Gerbes and David Brandstätter developed choreographic strategies: physical, architectonic, multi-focused and constructive. The performers trigger chains of reactions and unforeseeable accidents. The individual is confronted with the group, faces his own compulsion, freedom, responsibility, interdependence in an open form that offers space for personal reactions. The major work being done in this context is the performers’ testing, observing, sensing, and consciously experiencing these encounters. The work aims to introduce them to each other and enable them to get to know each other on multiple levels.

—text from http://www.s-h-i-f-t-s.org/index.php/en/

Concept, choreography Malgven Gerbes, David Brandstätter Dancers I Fen Lin, Vidal Bini, Ricardo Carmona, Johanna Chemnitz, Eva Kupfer, Simone Truong, Ixchel Mendoza Hernanderz, Pedro Rosa, Malgven Gerbes, David Brandstätter Soundscape David Brandstätter Choreographic adviser Mary O'Donnell Fulkerson Dramaturgic adviser David Williams Coaching Norbert Kliesch

Produced by Fabrik Potsdam in the frame of Tanzplan Potsdam: Artists-in-Residence Performed at Fabrik Potsdam, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Tanztage Berlin, Tanzland Festival